California Citrus Weather – Jul 8

 SUMMARY- Dry weather in the central valley during the past 24 hours. 
Temperatures 91-100F (33-38C). 
  TODAY.... Dry conditions. Temperatures 91-100F (33-38C). 
  TONIGHT... Dry conditions. Temperatures 62-69F (17-21C). 
  TOMORROW... Dry conditions. Temperatures 94-101F (34-38C). 
  3-5 DAY OUTLOOK...Dry conditions Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures near to 
below normal Sunday and Monday, near to above normal Tuesday. 
  6-10 DAY OUTLOOK... Temperatures near to above normal. Rainfall below normal. 
    Citrus season begins with bloom during the early summer with developing 
crop during the fall. Product harvest takes place during the mid and late 
winter through the spring. 
    Valencia harvest continues with hot temperatures causing some re-greening. 
Late navel harvest is coming to an end. 
copyright 2004, Meteorlogix 
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