East Africa Coffee Weather – Aug 1

 SUMMARY- Scattered showers and thundershowers in parts of the northwest and a 
few west-central areas yesterday, 0.10-1.50 inches (3-38 mm) and isolated 
heavier. Mostly dry elsewhere. Temperatures 64 to 96F (19 to 36C). 
  TODAY...Additional showers and a few thundershowers in northwest areas, with 
passing showers in some parts of northern Uganda and far western Kenya, 
0.10-1.00+ inch (3-25+ mm). Mainly dry elsewhere. Temperatures 65 to 96F (18 to 
  TONIGHT...Showers in the northwest taper off and becoming mostly dry 
  TOMORROW...Pop-up showers/thundershowers in northwest and a few west-central 
locales, 0.10-1.00+ inch (3-25+ mm). Generally dry elsewhere. Temperatures 64 
to 95F (18 to 35C). 
  OUTLOOK...Daily scattered shower activity in the northwest, with intermittent 
showers in some west-central locales Sunday through Tuesday. Dry elsewhere. 
Temperatures variable. 
 CROP IMPACT- A slight increase in shower activity across the northern areas of 
the coffee regions as of late. Additional showers would be of benefit to 
central and southern areas. 
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