Former Soviet Union Cotton Weather – Jul 8

 SUMMARY- Widely scattered showers/thundershowers in far eastern areas 
yesterday, 0.10-0.50+ inch (3-13+ mm), generally dry elsewhere. Temperatures 66 
to 104F (19 to 40C). 
  TODAY...Most areas should be dry, save for a few passing 
showers/thundershowers in the far northeast. Temperatures 65 to 107F (18 to 
  TONIGHT...Dry overnight. 
  TOMORROW...Mainly dry. Temperatures 66 to 109F (19 to 43C). 
  OUTLOOK...Much of the region is expected to be dry Sunday through Tuesday. 
Temperatures mostly above normal. 
 CROP IMPACT- Cotton generally in the flowering stage at this time through 
Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. However, recent hot weather may be somewhat 
unfavorable, but favorable in the mostly irrigated areas. 
copyright 2004, Meteorlogix 
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