G7 Political, Economic Calendar — Week Ahead

All dates are in Eastern Time. 
Thursday, July 7, 2016                                         Exp        Prev 
1630  US            Money Stock Measures 
1630  US            Federal Discount Window Borrowings 
1630  US            Foreign Central Bank Holdings 
1901  UK   Jun      REC and KPMG Report on Jobs 
1950  JPN  Jun      Bank Lending 
                       Bank Lending, Y/Y%                                 +2.2% 
1950  JPN  May      Balance of Payments 
                       Current Account (JPY)                   1.747T     1.879T 
                       Goods and Services (JPY)                           296.0B 
                       Trade Balance (JPY)                                697.1B 
1950  JPN  Q1       Revised Balance of Payments 
                       Current Account (JPY)                              3.44T 
1950  JPN  Jun      Provisional Trade Statistics for 1st 20 days of Month 
1950  JPN  Jun      International Transactions in Securities 
                       Japanese Net Transacts in Foreign                  1.519T 
                       Bonds (yen) 
                       Japanese Net Transacts in Foreign                  304.0B 
                       Stock (yen) 
                       Foreigners Net Transacts in Japanese               1.068T 
                       Bonds (yen) 
                       Foreigners Net Transacts in Japanese               -329.3B 
                       Stock (yen) 
Friday, July 8, 2016                                           Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  Jun      Corporate Insolvencies 
                       Corporate Insolvencies, Y/Y%                       -8.0% 
0100  JPN  Jun      Economy Watchers Survey 
0200  GER  May      Foreign Trade 
                       Trade Balance, sa, EUR                  +23B       +24B 
0200  GER  May      Manufacturing turnover 
0245  FRA  May      Industrial production index 
                       Industrial Production, M/M%             -0.5%      +1.2% 
0430  UK   May      UK trade 
                       Global Goods-SA (GBP)                              -10.5B 
                       Non-EU Goods-SA (GBP)                              -2.6B 
0500  EU   Q1       Balance of payments - 2nd release 
0830  CAN  Jun      Labour Force Survey 
                       Avg Hourly Wages, Y/Y                              +1.9% 
                       Full-Time Jobs, M/M                                +60500 
                       Jobless Rate                                       6.9% 
                       Labor Force, M/M                                   -22900 
                       Net Jobs, M/M                                      13800 
                       Participation Rate                                 65.7% 
                       Part-Time Jobs, M/M                                -46800 
0830  US   Jun      U.S. Employment Report 
                       Non-Farm Payrolls                       +165K      +38K 
                       Unemployment Rate                       4.8%       4.7% 
                       Avg Hourly Earnings (USD)                          25.59 
                       Avg Hourly Earnings-Net Chg (USD)                  +0.05 
                       Avg Hourly Earnings, M/M%               +0.2%      +0.2% 
                       Avg Hourly Earnings, Y/Y%                          +2.5% 
                       Overall Workweek                                   34.4 
                       Overall Workweek Net Chg                           +0.0 
                       Government Payrolls                                +13K 
                       Private Payroll                                    +25K 
                       Participation Rate                                 62.6% 
                       Non-Farm Payrolls Bench Net Chg 
0830  US            U.S. Weekly Export Sales 
                       Corn (Metric Tons)                                 1004.6K 
                       Soybeans (Metric Tons)                             1528K 
                       Wheat (Metric Tons)                                645.3K 
1400  CAN           Bank of Canada Weekly Financial Statistics 
1500  US   May      Consumer Credit 
                       Consumer Credit Net Chg (USD)           +17.0B     +13.42B 
N/A   US            IMF Executive Board discusses U.S. annual Article IV 
N/A   JPN  May      Provisional Labour Survey - Earnings, Employment & Hours Worked 
Sunday, July 10, 2016                                          Exp        Prev 
1901  UK   Jun      UK Regional PMI 
1950  JPN  Jun      Money Stock, Broadly-defined Liquidity 
1950  JPN  May      Orders Received for Machinery 
                       Core Orders, M/M%                                  -11.0% 
                       Core Orders, Y/Y%                                  -8.2% 
N/A   JPN           Japan senate elections for half of the chamber 
Monday, July 11, 2016                                          Exp        Prev 
0200  JPN  Jun      Preliminary Machine Tool Orders 
                       Tool Orders Est, Y/Y%                              -25% 
0400  ITA  May      Industrial Production 
                       Indus Output-SA, M/M%                              +0.5% 
                       Indus Output-SA, Y/Y%                              +1.8% 
0500  EU   Q1       Quarterly sectoral accounts 
0600  FRA  May      OECD Composite Leading Indicators 
0815  CAN  Jun      Housing Starts 
                       Annual Rate                                        188570 
                       Housing Starts, M/M%                               -1.5% 
1000  US   Jun      Employment Trends Index 
                       ETI                                                126.81 
                       ETI, Y/Y%                                          +0.7% 
1901  UK   Jun      BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor 
                       Same-Store Sales, Y/Y%                             +0.5% 
                       Total Sales, Y/Y%                                  +1.4% 
1950  JPN  Jun      Corporate Goods Price Index 
N/A   EU            Eurogroup meeting of eurozone finance ministers 
N/A   EU            U.S. / EU trade negotiations 14th round commences 
N/A   FRA           OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: France report launch 
N/A   FRA           OECD Better Policies for Sustainable Development report launch 
Tuesday, July 12, 2016                                         Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  May      Tertiary Industry Index 
0200  GER  Jun      CPI 
                       Overall CPI, M/M%                                  +0.3% 
                       Overall Index, Y/Y%                                +0.1% 
0400  GER  Q4       Eurozone Economic Outlook 
0400  EU   Jun      Long term interest rates statistics 
0430  UK            Financial Policy Committee record of latest meeting 
0600  US   Jun      NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism 
                       Small Business Idx                                 93.8 
0600  FRA  May      OECD Harmonised Unemployment Rates 
0700  UK   Q2       Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 
0745  US   07/09    The Retail Economist/Goldman Sachs Weekly Chain Store Sales 
                       Chain Store Sales, W/W%                            -0.1% 
                       Chain Store Sales, M/M%                            +2.6% 
0800  FRA           OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA) Tax 
                    Talks webcast 
0855  US   07/09    Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Index 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, M/M%                         -0.9% 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, Y/Y%                         +0.7% 
                       Latest Wk, Y/Y%                                    +0.6% 
0900  US            Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo speaks at event 
                    on shadow banking 
0935  US            FRB St. Louis President James Bullard speaks at NABE Gateway 
                    Chapter event 
1000  US   May      Monthly Wholesale Trade 
                       Inventories, M/M%                                  +0.6% 
1000  US   May      Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey 
1200  US            World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates (WASDE) 
                       Corn, End Stocks (Bushels) 
                       Soybeans, End Stocks (Bushels) 
                       Wheat, End Stocks (Bushels) 
1630  US   07/08    API Weekly Statistical Bulletin 
                       Crude Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                       -6.7M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                    -3.6M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                  -2.3M 
                       Refinery Runs 
1730  US            Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari 
                    speaks in Marquette, MI 
N/A   EU            ECOFIN meeting of EU finance ministers 
N/A   GER  May      Balance of Payments 
                       Current Account (EUR)                              28.8B 
N/A   UK            CANCELLED: Office for Budget Responsibility's fiscal 
                    sustainability report 
Wednesday, July 13, 2016                                       Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  May      Revised Industrial Production 
                       Output, M/M%                                       +0.5% 
                       Shipments, M/M%                                    +1.6% 
                       Inventories, M/M%                                  -1.7% 
                       Factory Operating Ratio, M/M%                      -1.0% 
0030  JPN  May      Revised Retail Sales 
0245  FRA  Jun      CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.4% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +0.0% 
                       Harmonized CPI, Y/Y%                               +0.1% 
0400  FRA  Jul      IEA Oil Market Report 
0400  ITA  Jun      CPI 
 Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News from http://commodity-market-news.com
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.3% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          -0.3% 
0430  UK   Q2       Bank of England Credit Conditions Survey 
0430  UK   Q2       Bank of England Credit Conditions Review 
0430  UK   Q2       Bank of England's Bank Liabilities Survey 
0430  UK   May      CML Monthly Lending Trends 
0500  EU   May      Industrial Production 
                       Indus Output, M/M%                                 +1.1% 
                       Indus Output, Y/Y%                                 +2.0% 
0700  US   07/08    MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey 
                       Composite Idx                                      580.8 
                       Composite Idx, W/W%                                +14.2% 
                       Purchase Idx-SA                                    234.6 
                       Purchase Idx-SA, W/W%                              +4.3% 
                       Refinance Idx                                      2579.9 
                       Refinance Idx, W/W%                                +20.8% 
0830  US   Jun      Import & Export Price Indexes 
                       Import Prices                                      +1.4% 
                       Non-Petroleum Prices                               +0.4% 
                       Petroleum Prices                                   +17.4% 
0900  US            World Bank Monitoring Global Poverty report launch 
1000  CAN           Bank of Canada interest rate announcement 
                       Overnight Rate                                     0.5 
                       Overnight Rate, Net Chg (Bps)                      +0 
                       Overnight Rate-Range High 
                       Overnight Rate-Range Low 
1030  US   07/08    EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report 
                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)                             524.35M 
                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                    -2.223M 
                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)                              238.876M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                     -0.122M 
                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl)                            148.939M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                   -1.574M 
                       Refinery Usage                                     92.5% 
                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)                      20.05M 
                       Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)             -1.099M 
1400  US            U.S. Federal Reserve Beige Book 
1400  US   Jun      Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts & Outlays of the U.S. 
1901  UK   Jun      RICS Residential Market Survey 
                       House Prices                                       19 
N/A   EU            U.S. / EU trade negotiations 14th round stakeholder 
                    presentations and chief negotiators briefing 
Thursday, July 14, 2016                                        Exp        Prev 
0700  UK   Jul      Bank of England MPC meeting minutes 
                       Votes Against Rate Decision                        0 
                       Votes For Rate Decision                            9 
0700  UK   Jul      UK interest rate decision, first since EU referendum 
                       Bank Rate                                          0.5 
                       Bank Rate-Range High 
                       Bank Rate-Range Low 
0830  CAN  May      New Housing Price Index 
                       New House Prices, M/M%                             +0.3% 
                       New House Prices, Y/Y%                             +2.1% 
0830  US            Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - Initial Claims 
                       Jobless Claims                                     254K 
                       Jobless Claims, Net Chg                            -16K 
                       Continuing Claims                                  2124000 
                       Continuing Claims, Net Chg                         -44K 
0830  US   Jun      PPI 
                       PPI, M/M%                                          +0.4% 
                       Ex-Food & Energy PPI, M/M%                         +0.3% 
                       Personal Consumption                               +0.2% 
0830  US            U.S. Weekly Export Sales 
                       Corn (Metric Tons) 
                       Soybeans (Metric Tons) 
                       Wheat (Metric Tons) 
0930  US            IMF regular press briefing with Communications Department 
                    Director Gerry Rice 
0945  US            Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index 
1030  US            EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report 
                       Working Gas In Storage (Cbf)                       3179B 
                       Working Gas In Storage, Net Chg (Cbf)              +39B 
1515  US            FRB Kansas City President Esther George speaks at Business 
                    and Community Leaders Luncheon 
1630  US            Money Stock Measures 
1630  US            Federal Discount Window Borrowings 
1630  US            Foreign Central Bank Holdings 
N/A   US            IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks at the Center 
                    for Global Development 
N/A   FRA           France: Bastille Day 
Friday, July 15, 2016                                          Exp        Prev 
0200  GER  Jun      WPI 
0400  ITA  May      Foreign Trade EU 
0500  EU   Jun      Harmonised CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.4% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          -0.1% 
                       Core CPI, M/M%                                     +0.2% 
                       Core CPI, Y/Y%                                     +0.8% 
                       Ex-Tobacco, M/M%                                   +0.4% 
                       Ex-Tobacco, Y/Y%                                   -0.2% 
0500  EU   May      Foreign trade 
                       Trade Balance (EUR)                                27.5B 
                       Trade Balance, Prev Yr (EUR)                       20.9B 
0830  US   Jul      Empire State Manufacturing Survey 
                       Mfg Idx                                            6.01 
                       Employment Idx                                     0.00 
                       New Orders Idx                                     10.90 
                       Prices Received                                    -1.02 
0830  CAN  May      Monthly Survey of Manufacturing 
                       Inventories, M/M%                                  -0.4% 
                       Inventory-Shipment Ratio, M/M                      1.41 
                       New Orders, M/M%                                   +7.9% 
                       Shipments, M/M%                                    +1.0% 
                       Unfilled Orders, M/M%                              +0.6% 
0830  CAN  Q2       Investment in non-residential building construction 
0830  US   Jun      Advance Monthly Sales for Retail & Food Services 
                       Overall Sales-SA, M/M%                             +0.5% 
                       Sales, Ex-Auto, M/M%                               +0.4% 
                       Sales, Ex-Auto & Gas, M/M%                         +0.3% 
0830  US   Jun      Real Earnings 
0830  US   Jun      CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.2% 
                       Core CPI, M/M%                                     +0.2% 
                       Energy Idx, M/M%                                   +1.2% 
                       Food Idx, M/M%                                     -0.2% 
                       Real Avg Wkly Pay-Infla Adj, M/M%                  +0.0% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.0% 
                       Core Annual, Y/Y%                                  +2.2% 
0915  US   Jun      Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization 
                       Industrial Production, M/M%                        -0.4% 
                       Capacity Utilization %                             74.9% 
                       Capacity Utilization, Net Chg (Pts)                -0.4 
1000  US   May      Manufacturing & Trade: Inventories & Sales 
                       Total Inventories                                  +0.1% 
1000  US   Jul      University of Michigan Survey of Consumers - preliminary 
                       Mid-Mo Sentiment                                   94.3 
                       Mid-Mo Expectations                                83.2 
                       Mid-Mo Current Idx                                 111.7 
1400  CAN           Bank of Canada Weekly Financial Statistics 
1830  US            Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari 
                    participates in Town Hall event 
N/A   EU   Jun      New Passenger Car Registrations in Europe statistics (EU27 + 
N/A   EU            U.S. / EU trade negotiations 14th round concludes 

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