HK Bourse: Announcement From Yichang Hec Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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                                 VoLuntarY announCEmEnt 
    DEVELoPED BIoLoGICS For tHE trEatmEnt oF DIaBEtES 
 InCLuDInG InSuLIn GLarGInE InJECtIon, ISoPHanE ProtamInE 
  rEComBInant Human InSuLIn InJECtIon (PrE-mIXED 30r) anD 
 ISoPHanE ProtamInE rEComBInant Human InSuLIn InJECtIon 
This is a voluntary announcement made by YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (the 
"Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"). 
The board of directors (the "Board") of the Company is pleased to announce that Insulin 
Injection, Isophane Protamine Recombinant Human Insulin Injection (Premixed 30R) and Isophane 
Protamine Recombinant Human Insulin Injection among the biologics for the treatment of diabetes, 
which are self-developed by the Company, have successfully obtained the clinical trial approvals 
from China Food and Drug Administration (the "CFDa") (approval numbers: 2016L06473, 
2016L06898 and 2016L06471). As at the date of this announcement, the Company has a total of 
four biological products for treatment of diabetes granted with clinical trial approvals. 
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, characterized by high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) from insulin 
resistance or absolute/relative insulin deficiency. Both American Diabetes Association (ADA) and 
European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) reach consensus that insulin is the most 
effective treatment of diabetes. China has experienced a rapid growth in relation to the market for 
second generation of insulin products (especially for Premixed 30R) and the third generation of 
insulin products (especially for insulin glargine and insulin aspart). 
Therefore, the Company has been actively developing the insulin product pipelines, aiming to 
become a pharmaceutical company that has a comprehensive product portfolio for the treatment of 
diabetes in China, including recombinant human insulin, insulin glargine and insulin aspart. The 
Company intends to develop these three different forms of insulin APIs into six different insulin 
products, covering fast-acting, short-acting, intermediate-acting, long-acting and pre-mixed insulin 
products, which can provide comprehensive treatment options for patients suffering from diabetes 
in China and allow the Company to obtain an advantageous position in this fast growing market 
and develop new profit drivers. 
This voluntary announcement is made to inform investors of the Group's business updates, and 
is not purported to contain any advertising or intention on use of any drugs, surgical equipment, 
therapeutic or oral products. 
Information about Glargine Insulin Injection 
Glargine insulin is an analogue of long-acting insulin produced through recombinant DNA 
technology, which belongs to the third generation insulin products. Since the generation of micro- 
precipitation by pH change after subcutaneous injection of insulin glargine, the insulin monomeric 
can sustainably slowly release which enable the hypoglycemic effect last for even 24 hours and 
with a "peakless" profile. Compared to conventional human insulin medications, Glargine insulin 
provides a better solution as basal insulin and can be given together with a mealtime Insulin or oral 
administration drug in clinical. 
Information about Isophane Protamine recombinant Human Insulin Injection & Isophane 
Protamine recombinant Human Insulin Injection (Premixed 30r) 
Isophane Protamine Recombinant Human Insulin is intermediate acting insulin while Isophane 
Protamine Recombinant Human Insulin Injection (Premixed 30R) is a dual phase insulin, 
comprising 30% short-acting insulin and 70% intermediate-acting insulin, both of which are 
second generation insulin. There's a hypoglycemic effect of dual phase with only once drug giving 
of Isophane Protamine Recombinant Human Insulin Injection (Premixed 30R), which can reduce 
dosing frequency and improve the dosing convenience. 
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