HK Bourse: Circular From Anton Oilfield Services Group On Major Transaction

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"Purchaser"                 Hong Kong Huihua Global Technology Limited ( 
                            ), a company incorporated in Hong Kong, a 
                            wholly owned subsidiary of the Partner; 
"SFO"                       the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the 
                            Laws of Hong Kong); 
"Sale Shares"               40% of the issued share capital of DMCC; 
"Share(s)"                  ordinary share(s) of nominal value of HK$0.10 each in the 
                            capital of the Company; 
"Shareholder(s)"            shareholder(s) of the Company; 
"Shareholders' Agreement"   the shareholders' agreement dated 16 May 2016 entered into 
                            between the Company, Anton International, the Purchaser and 
                            Mr. Luo Lin in relation to the management of DMCC; 
"Stock Exchange"            The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited; 
"substantial shareholder"   has the same meaning ascribed to it under the Listing Rules; 
"Transaction"               the proposed joint venture with the Partner and the transfer of 
                            the Sale Shares to the Partner as contemplated under the 
                            Agreement; and 
"%"                         per cent. 
                               LETTER FROM THE BOARD 
Executive Directors:                                                    Registered Office: 
Mr. Luo Lin                                                             P.O. Box 309, Ugland House 
Mr. Wu Di                                                               Grand Cayman KY1-1104 
Mr. Pi Zhifeng                                                          Cayman Islands                    2.14 
Independent Non-executive Directors:                                    Principal place of business in 
Mr. Zhang Youngyi                                                         Hong Kong: 
Mr. Zhu Xiaoping                                                        Unit 2109 Cosco Tower 
Mr. Wang Mingcai                                                        183 Queen's Road Central 
                                                                        Hong Kong 
                                                                                         11 July 2016 
To: the Shareholders 
Dear Sir or Madam, 
                              MAJOR TRANSACTION 
                       JOINT VENTURE FOR IRAQI BUSINESS 
      The Board announced on 16 May 2016, the Company, Anton International and DMCC entered 
into the Agreement with the Purchaser and the Partner pursuant to which the Company will through 
the transferring of 40% of the issued share capital of DMCC introduce a joint venture partner for the 
Iraqi business. The consideration for the Transaction is RMB700,000,000. 
     The Transaction constitutes a major transaction for the Company and is subject to the approval 
by the shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting. 
     The purpose of this circular is to provide you with information in respect of, among other things, 
the details of the Agreement, and the notice convening the Extraordinary General Meeting. 
Source: Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing 
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