Indo China Rice Weather – Jul 7

 SUMMARY- Scattered showers yesterday. Rainfall amounts 0.10-1.00+ inch (3-25+ 
mm). Temperatures 82 to 95F (28 to 35C). 
  TODAY...Drier in the northeast. Widely scattered showers elsewhere. Rainfall 
amounts 0.10-0.80+ inch (3-20+ mm). Temperatures 83 to 95F (28 to 35C). 
  TONIGHT...Precipitation diminishing overnight. 
  TOMORROW...Patchy showers, 0.10-1.00+ inch (3-25+ mm). Temperatures 84 to 96F 
(29 to 36C). 
  OUTLOOK...Scattered shower activity Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures not 
changing significantly. 
 SUMMARY- Additional rain and showers yesterday, 0.10-2.00 inches (3-51 mm) and 
locally heavier. Temperatures 75 to 94F (24 to 34C). 
  TODAY...Periods of rain and showers, most/heaviest in western portions of the 
region, 0.10-2.00+ inches (3-51+ mm). Temperatures 79 to 95F (26 to 35C). 
  TONIGHT...Precipitation diminishes overnight. 
  TOMORROW...Episodes of rain/showers, 0.10-2.00+ inches (3-51+ mm). 
Temperatures 78 to 95F (26 to 35C). 
  OUTLOOK...Relatively lighter shower activity Sunday through Tuesday. 
Temperatures increasing some this period. 
 SUMMARY- Periods of rain, showers and thundershowers yesterday, 0.10-5.00 
inches (3-127 mm) with areas of flooding. Temperatures 74 to 95F (23 to 35C). 
  TODAY...Additional rain, showers and a few thundershowers, 0.10-4.50+ inches 
(6-114+ mm). Temperatures 75 to 95F (24 to 35C). 
  TONIGHT...Diminishing precipitation overnight. 
  TOMORROW...Monsoonal rain, showers and thundershowers in portions of the 
region, 0.10-4.00+ inches (3-102+ mm), heaviest in the far north. Temperatures 
74 to 96F (23 to 36C). 
  OUTLOOK...Episodes of rain and showers of varying intensity in the region 
Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures close to seasonable levels. 
 CROP IMPACT- Dry conditions remain a concern for rice areas of Vietnam as the 
Monsoon rainy season has so far been erratic. Summer rice cultivation continues 
in southern Vietnam while spring rice cultivation continues in northern 
 Rainfall in Thailand has been increasing recently. This accelerates planting 
of rice, after recent dryness caused delays to the early effort. 
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