Newlands FSU Wheat Weather – Jul 8

 SUMMARY- Patchy showers in parts of the north and east yesterday, 0.10-0.75+ 
inch (3-19+ mm). Generally dry in the southwest. Temperatures 59 to 94+F (15 to 
  TODAY...Scattered showers and a few thundershowers in northern and far 
eastern areas, 0.10-0.60 inch (3-15 mm) and locally heavier in a couple spots. 
Mainly dry elsewhere. Temperatures 61 to 91F (16 to 33C). 
  TONIGHT...Precipitation lingering in in said areas but becoming lighter 
  TOMORROW...Additional scattered showers in northern areas, with developing 
activity in west-central and a few south-central areas during the afternoon, 
0.10-0.80 inch (3-20 mm) and isolated heavier in the far northeast. Mostly dry 
elsewhere. Temperatures 62 to 89F (17 to 32C). 
  OUTLOOK...Northern areas experiencing the bulk of shower activity Sunday 
through Tuesday, with any showers in the south diminishing and tapering off. 
Temperatures trending warmer most areas this period. 
 SUMMARY- Scattered showers in northern and eastern locales yesterday, 
0.10-0.50 inch (3-13 mm) and isolated heavier. Generally dry elsewhere. 
Temperatures 74 to 100F (23 to 38C). 
  TODAY...Showers scattered about eastern areas, with late days showers in the 
far west, 0.10-0.60+ inch (3-15+ mm). Mostly dry elsewhere. Temperatures 75 to 
99+F (24 to 37+C). 
  TONIGHT...Precipitation lingering in eastern areas and possibly increasing in 
the far west overnight. 
  TOMORROW...Rain and showers far west, additional scattered showers in eastern 
areas, 0.10-1.00+ inch (3-25+ mm). Mainly dry elsewhere. Temperatures 68 to 
100F (20 to 38C). 
  OUTLOOK...Generally dry in south-central areas Sunday through Tuesday, with 
on and off periods of scattered showers and a few thundershowers elsewhere. 
Temperatures variable in west-central, northwestern and far east-central areas, 
mostly above normal elsewhere. 
 CROP IMPACT- Winter wheat in west and south Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is 
maturing to harvest. Showers since late last week are somewhat unfavorable for 
the mature crop. 
copyright 2004, Meteorlogix 
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